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Whether you're New Here or want to get to know Who We Are, we are so glad you're here!

New Here?

At Calvary Bible we connect together to glorify God through Worship & Prayer, Evangelism & Discipleship, Growing in Christ's likeness, Sharing the Gospel of Christ in our Community and through the world.

Who We Are

Thank you for joining us at Calvary Bible Church. We would love for you to become a part of our church family by taking advantage of the many opportunities here.

Get a sneak peek at our Sunday Worship Service as well as browsing the many other ministry opportunities we offer throughout the year!

We are so glad you're here!

Church Boards, Committees & Directors

All members are nominated and accepted into the volunteered positions. Dates included are the end of individuals serving term.

  • Pastor

    Russ Grim (Retiring December 2024)

  • Elder Board

    Jim Alford
    Marcus Alford
    Allen Faatz
    Dan Jons
    Kay Don Jons
    Mitch Peppel
    Bob Waddell

  • Board of Trustees

    Jim Alford (2025)
    Allen Faatz (2026)
    Bob Waddell (2027)

  • Deaconess:

    Becky Alford (2025)
    Esther Waddell (2026)
    Patty Jons (2027)

  • Church Board

    Clerk: Maritta Brown
    Treasurer: Cindy Jons
    Moderator: Dan Jons

  • Financial Committee

    Jim Alford
    Cindy Jons
    Kay Don
    Tim Peppel

  • Memorial Committee

    Becky Alford
    Cindy Jons
    Esther Waddell

  • Nominating Committee

    Cindy Jons
    Mitch Peppel
    Esther Waddell

  • Special Music Committee

    Maritta Brown
    Chelsa Jons

  • Social Committee

    Becky Alford,
    Maritta Brown
    Crystal Manthey
    Juli Peppel

  • Children's Ministry Director

    Candace Alford

  • Sunday School Superintendent

    Val Peppel

  • Communications Director

    Candace Alford

Calvary Bible Church

304 Central Ave, Bonesteel, SD 57317

Sunday 10AM-12:35PM

Sunday Morning Worship

Service begins @ 11:00 AM

Welcome & Opening Hymn

Open with a hymn followed by welcome and announcements for the upcoming month.

Praise & Prayer

Share praises and prayer requests, then surrender them to the Lord together.

Calvary Kids

Calvary Kids Praise

All children, big and small are invited and welcome to come on stage to sing together as we enter into worship.


Lifting our hearts and voices to the Lord in worship.

Scripture Reading

Specific Scripture to prepare for the message.


Tithes and offerings to the Lord.

Special Music

Opportunity to share your heart through song.


Lesson prepared and shared by the pastor or guest speaker.

Closing Hymn

Close with a hymn and prayer of invitation.


Communion is a celebration of remembrance what Christ did for us.

All are welcome to partake, you do not need to be a part of Calvary Bible Church, just part of the Family of God. Communion is scheduled for the months that have five Sundays.

In 2024 they will be June 30th, Sept 29th, and Dec 29th

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And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Christian forces of this community who desire to meet together under this constitution for the purpose of:

The worship of God

The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto salvation of the lost and the Christian maturity of the membership

The teaching of the believers and the development in them of a consistent Christian character based on the doctrine and teaching of the Holy Word of God in the Bible, and

The promotion of Missionary enterprises at home and abroad.