Scuba - Diving into Friendship with God

Vacation Bible School

July 16-18

Scuba VBS

Welcome to Scuba VBS—the summer event that helps kids dive into friendship with God! At Scuba VBS, kids explore what it means to have a friendship with a real, loving, trustworthy God—a friendship that lasts forever! You can expect days of faith discoveries, memorable music, and epic adventures that help kids grow in faith!

It’s our prayer that Scuba VBS will immerse everyone in a deeper, richer relationship with God.

Join us this summer!

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Are you ready to DIVE into summer?

Join us for an underwater adventure! Reserve your spot today!

At Scuba VBS we will dive into an underwater adventure where we will develop a true friendship with Jesus! And discovering how important water is in our lives!
Doors will open at 5:30 PM and pick-up will be at 8:00 PM.

Please contact Candace Alford with any questions or concerns (605)633-1738.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Christian forces of this community who desire to meet together under this constitution for the purpose of:

The worship of God

The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto salvation of the lost and the Christian maturity of the membership

The teaching of the believers and the development in them of a consistent Christian character based on the doctrine and teaching of the Holy Word of God in the Bible, and

The promotion of Missionary enterprises at home and abroad.